Global Nonkilling Leadership Academy starts in October

The Center for Global Nonkilling will be conducing its First Global Nonkilling Leadership Academy pilot in Honolulu, October 4-16. The Academy is intended to provide a select group of promising young leaders (from different fields, faiths, races, continents and backgrounds) a life changing experience related to the real and much needed possibilities of a world where killing is no longer taken for granted.

The pilot consists of a two week program comprised of 15 participants from countries as Liberia, Western Sahara, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Palestine, Germany, Kenya, Sudan, Thailand, Philippines, India, the United States and Hawai’i itself. Participants were nominated by past Nobel Peace Laureates, as well as drawn from organizations and networks partnering with the Center for Global Nonkilling. This initial pilot will provide the basis for improving the content, structure and format of the Academy before being offered on a more wide-scale basis in future years.

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