Nonkilling Working Papers Series Reinitiated

CGNK has restarted the Global Nonkilling Working Papers series, featuring five new essays by Ramon Lopez-Reyes (“The Mark of Cain: A Depth Psychology Commentary on the Nonkilling Paradigm”), Maorong Jiang (“Gandhi’s “Soul Force” and Paige’s “Software” for a Nonkilling Society”), Clayton K. Edwards (“Political Art and Craft: The Story of Nonkilling Global Political Science”), Oseremen Irene (“Nonkilling Political Leadership”) and Emmy Irobi (“Ethnicity and Nation Building in Contemporary Africa”).

All issues can be downloaded for free in PDF at the Center’s website or purchased in print for US$ 6. Following the Center’s mission of “promoting change toward the measurable goal of a killing-free world”, the Global Nonkilling Working Papers series are dedicated to theory and research incorporating original scientific works that tackle issues related to the construction of nonkilling societies, where killing, threats to kill and conditions conductive to killing are absent.

The collection, published in cooperation with the Asian World Center at Creighton University, is published on an occasional basis as texts are delivered by authors and reviewed by the Nonkilling Research Committees. In the near future, the Center intends to launch one issue per month, allowing a constant flow of information and new debate possibilities among scholars and practitioners of all fields.

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