Nonkilling Global Political Science

  • The Asian World Nonkilling Consortium is a collaboration between the Asian World Center at Creighton University (Omaha, NE, USA) and the Center for Global Nonkilling to advance research, educational and policy programs focused on nonkilling. The Consortium has organized lectures and co-published several books with CGNK, including Nonkilling Media, Nonkilling Security and the State and the Global Nonkilling Working Papers series. Website
  • The Centre Caraïbéen pour la Non-Violence Globale et le Développement Durable is a Haitian nonprofit fostering nonviolence, nonkilling and sustainable development through research, training and action orientated projects since 2004. Through a series of initiatives, it has emphasized the positive aspects in Hati’s history and culture, building creative nonkilling alternatives. CCNGD is responsible for the French and Haitian Creole editions of Nonkilling Global Political Science. Website.
  • Center for Global Nonviolence – Nigeria is. Website.
  • Mleci / Glenn Paige Nonkilling School is an educational initiative focused on the needs of the local children from Kazimia-Katondje, Great Lakes region of the DR Congo. The school and kindergarten has over 200 students and, as part of its innovative program, teaches nonkilling through an adapted condensation of CGNK’s materials into Kiswahili. The School is a project of the nonprofit organization Mleci. Website.
  • Nonkilling Balkans Forum is an open process leading to the established of an autonomous nonkilling organization in the Balkans region (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Kosovo) and its communities abroad. As an initial step, a translation of Nonkilling Global Political Science into Central South Slavic has been produced and published in April 2012 by Bosnian publishing house “Bosanska Riječ”. Website.
  • The Philippine Institute for Global Nonkilling is a center for nonkilling research and training established at Kalayaan College, Quezon City, Philippines. The Institute is part of the Movement for a Nonkilling Philippines and provides regular reports on violence and nonkilling interventions through monitoring and mapping projects. The Institute is center of the Movement for a Nonkilling Philippines which seeks legislation to make a “Peaceful and Nonkilling Philippines” a major national goal with provisions for nationwide measurement of progress and governmental action at all levels. Kalayaan College was also pioneer launching the book Towards a Nonkilling Filipino Society in 2004 and a Filipino translation of Nonkilling Global Political Science in 2007.Website.
  • The Zentrum zur Förderung des Nichttötens – Nonkilling Deutschland is a German nonprofit working closely with the Center for Global Nonkilling to foster nonkilling knowledge, research and advocacy among German-speaking countries. Besides producing a German translation of Nonkilling Global Political Science it commits important efforts to introduce nonkilling in the arts and to bring to public consciousness the nonkilling legacy of Petra Kelly (1947-1992). Website.
  • The Brazilian Institute for Nonkilling (INAM) is a Brazilian-based nonprofit established in 2009 to promote nonkilling through education, policy and research initiatives. INAM has been partnering with CGNK on the development of a Global Nonkilling Observatory at the Itajaí Valley University and a Portuguese edition of Nonkilling Global Political Science published by the Federal University of Pernambuco Press. Website
  • The Gandhian Nonkilling Movement in India . Website

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