Give Nonkilling a Chance Seminar in Melbourne, Australia

CGNK Chair Anoop Swarup delivered the seminar “Give Nonkilling a Chance: from Human Evolution to Human Revolution” on June 16, 2017, at the Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne. Professor Anoop Swarup emphasized how nonkilling is a fact and not fiction, recently enshrined in the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.1. The talk aimed to foster a ‘Nonkilling World View’ in infinite reverence to life, universal peace, and creativity in the emerging global civilizational disruption of violence and terror.

During CGNK’s Chair visit to Melbourne, a round table was also organized on June 28 to celebrate the life of Glenn Paige and discuss and decide for joint endeavors for a shared nonkilling future. Participants included Emeritus Professor Alberto Gomes (La Trobe University), Professor Shahid Yamin (Research Dean at Swinburne University), Professor Paul Komesaroff (Monash University), Novelist and Author Mr Andrew Trousdale, Dr. Jyerzy Ordega (COO, RMIT University), Dr. Bala Kumble (CEO Global Knowledge Alliance) and Mr. Greg Fendis (CEO Komo Ventures).