Musicking and Nonkilling for Peacebuilding Conference in September

Åbo Akademi University in Vasa, home of the Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research, will co-organize with the Center for Global Nonkilling, its third exploratory interdisciplinary conference on September 19-20, 2017 focusing on the topic “Musicking and Nonkilling for Peacebuilding: Crises, Dangers and Opportunities.” The conference is organized with the collaboration of the Min-On Music Research Institute (MOMRI), the Musicology and Ethnomusicology area of the University of Helsinki and the Norwegian Peace Association. The conference will take place in Vasa, Finland, and admission is free.

Musicking (a concept created by Christopher Small) allows to look at what we do to ourselves and others through music, the actions we take with and around music, in addition to musical objects such as rhythm, pitch and tempo. Musicking can be used both for constructive and destructive purposes, and it is essential to have an ethical compass guiding our actions. Nonkilling provides such a compass. This conference seeks to understand the limitless possibilities provided by musicking in relation to the goal of establishing killing-free socities and contributing to peacebuilding. Concepts such as Inner Peacebuilding, Communicative Creativity, Planetary Awareness and Preventive Peacebuilding are essential concepts supporting nonkilling philosophy and action.

Registration is free (emailing and a PDF program will be available soon. Confirmed plenary speakers include Olivier Urbain (Director of the Min-On Music Research Institute [MOMRI] and editor of the collective volumes of Music and Conflict TransformationMusic and Solidarity and Music, Power and Liberty), Klisala Harrison (Academy of Finland Research Scholar on the project Music for Health and Well-being in Arctic Indigenous Cultures and co-author of the Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology), Alexander Harang (Director of the Norwegian Peace Association) and Joám Evans Pim (Director of the Center for Global Nonkilling).

Musicking and Nonkilling for Peacebuilding Conference 2017