Vision & Mission


Imagine a world in which humans no longer kill each other. Is a nonkilling world possible? Amidst continued killing following the violent 20th century, the Center for Global Nonkilling arises out of new understanding that a killing-free world is possible. It is possible for humans to stop killing each other from homicide to genocide, terrorism and mass murder in war. A killing-free world is a measurable goal. The methods and means of realization are open to infinite human creativity.

The project to develop the Center for Global Nonkilling for discovery and advancement of nonkilling human capabilities is akin to the 15th century voyages of discovery and the 20th century project to place a man on the moon. In each case the formerly impossible, and even unthinkable, was transformed into reality by a combination of faith and commitment, assemblage of available knowledge and skills, creation of new knowledge, invention of new technologies, training, and institutional development—all made possible by providers of moral and material support with vision and courage to share the failures and successes of discovery.

Small, creative, and catalytic in partnership with individuals and institutions locally and worldwide—by combining and sharing the spirit, science, skills, arts, institutions and resources of all—the Center for Global Nonkilling can contribute to new and renewed leadership for change towards a just, killing-free world in which everyone has the right not to be killed and the responsibility not to kill others.


The mission of the Center for Global Nonkilling is to promote change toward the measurable goal of a killing-free world by means open to infinite human creativity.

The goal can be reached by globally advancing nonkilling knowledge and skills, incorporating them into education and training, and applying them in individual and social decisions for the well-being of all. The task calls for infinite creativity and mutual support among all individuals, organizations, and institutions whose work contributes to progress toward the goal of a nonkilling world.

The means to achieve our mission include:

  • Discovering and encouraging global nonkilling human capabilities
  • Introducing nonkilling knowledge in global education and policy
  • Applying nonkilling knowledge in global problem-solving
  • Developing and assisting nonkilling global leadership
  • Assisting institutions/centers for global nonkilling
  • Measuring, monitoring, and disseminating the impact of nonkilling global efforts

Other core concepts guiding the development of the Center Global Nonkilling include:

  • Becoming a catalyst and global center of activities focused on nonkilling
  • Thinking long term, as significant, sustainable social change typically does not occur rapidly
  • Mobilizing nonkilling research and knowledge for action
  • Being a place of support, encouragement and technical assistance for those working on nonkilling and nonviolence


The initial set of goals includes:

  • Developing linkages and synergy among nonkilling knowledge, education-training and problem solving action by global leaders and communities
  • Designing CGNK to be sustainable into the next century
  • Enacting and implementing organizational policies that ensure legal and financial accountability
  • Promoting and measuring the increased use of nonkilling terminology and concepts in global discourse
  • Creating, disseminating, applying and evaluating tools for nonkilling advocacy, action, education and research
  • Becoming an acknowledged source of nonkilling information
  • Introducing nonkilling resources and initiatives into killing zones to reduce or stop killing
  • Developing the capabilities to predict where future killing is likely, and develop strategies to prevent killing in those areas
  • Leveraging CGNK resources through existing organizations to catalyze and multiply CGNK’s impact