Nonkilling Balkans by Joám Evans Pim (ed.), Rifet Bahtijaragić (ed.)

Co-published by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo

Summary: Scientific, spiritual, and practical factors predict success for realization of a Nonkilling Balkans. Most humans who have ever lived have not killed anyone. By nature humans are not compelled to kill. Religions, faiths, humanist philosophies, and folk traditions, teach nonkilling principles that can be combined into a powerful Global Nonkilling Ethic. Basic components of nonkilling societies already have been demonstrated somewhere in human experience. If combined and creatively adapted in any cultural context they can assist nonkilling change. The power of creative initiatives to bring about previously unthinkable and impossible change has been demonstrated throughout history in every field of human endeavor.

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Genre: CGNK Publications
ISBN 978-0-9839862-7-0 (2015)