How to help

An opportunity to affirm your values

To promote change toward the measurable goal of a killing-free world.

Unique Mission

The Center for Global Nonkilling promotes measurable change toward a killing-free world. It is uniquely positioned as a catalyst for research, education and training, and applied methods toward evolving from the preventable disease of killing.

Measurable Progress

Key CGNK publications have been translated into 41 languages accessible to over 4 billion speakers. Over 700 scholars in 300 academic institutions in 80 countries have joined in 19 disciplinary research committees. Many other educational and policy-oriented seminars, trainings, books and articles have been promoted and disseminated around the world. That important work needs to continue.

The Center is at a crossroads

Support is needed now. How can you help? Some have the time to share their skills as volunteers or contribute to the efforts of our research committees. Others offer financial support. This can be in the form of a one-time gift, ongoing giving, a legacy gift or other form of your choosing.

Four easy ways to follow through on your desire to help

1. Engage and keep in touch

Stay informed of the Center’s work and progress by subscribing to monthly updates from our site. If you like what we do, please join us as a volunteer, intern or affiliate organization. We also encourage you to show your support by signing and sharing the Affirmation of the Global Nonkilling Spirit that launched the Center for Global Nonkilling in 2007.

2. One-time Gifts

We are extremely grateful for donations that can be made via Paypal (following the link), bank transfer (contact us for details) or by check (if from a bank within the United States). As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent of local tax laws. All gifts will be acknowledged with a letter/receipt noting the amount of the contribution.

3. Monthly Patronage

To contribute to the Center’s long-term sustainability, you may also offer us your patronage in the form of a monthly recurring donation that may also be made using Paypal. Any donation is tax deductible and will be acknowledged accordingly.

4. Share our work

We welcome your support in other forms as well, including sharing our work through your social media channels as a supporter. You’re welcome to share links to our books and articles directly, or go to our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube account pages and share from there.

For support or other ideas on how you might like to support, contact us today! THANK YOU!

Mail address:

Center for Global Nonkilling
3653 Tantalus Drive
Honolulu, Hawai‛i
96822-5033 United States

(+1) 808-536-7442

Highlighted Sponsor

Sponsors provide CGNK with support for either its general operations or specific projects, publications or events. Support is usually financial but can also be offered through the provision of products or in-kind services.


Humanity United is an independent grant-making organization committed to building a world where mass atrocities and modern-day slavery are no longer possible. Funding to establish the Center in 2008 came primarily from Humanity United. By helping to build permanent constituencies to end atrocities and slavery, supporting efforts that empower affected communities, and addressing the root causes of conflict and injustice, Humanity United seeks to help restore human dignity in places where it has been lost and to help create a lasting global peace. Website.

Highlighted Donors


Touda is a not-for-profit organization based in the Basque Country that specializes in Internet consultancy, development and support for other nonprofits. Touda was responsible for the redevelopment of CGNK’s website providing a substantial in-kind contribution of its staff’s time. Website.


ChameleonJohn is a promotional code website that has recently “launched a financial campaign to help non-profit organizations to fight their causes”. The ChameleonJohn team decided to donate to CGNK after identifying it among other “really inspiring causes which help make our world a better place”. ChameleonJohn provides continuing support if you shop using the link below.

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