Nonkilling Boat Sets Sail in Lake Tanganyika

After months of delay due to lack of supplies and the military seizing of its motor, the brand new boat of the “Glenn Paige Nonkilling School” set sail in Lake Tanganyika from the shores of Kazimia, DR Congo, where the school is based. The construction of this boat is an entrepreneurial effort of Mleci nonprofit organization that also runs the school, aiming at making the school economically self-sufficient by managing international freight and passenger transport services across Lake Tanganyika. The project was funded by the Center for Global Nonkilling with the support of a family donation.


This is but one of the improvements Mleci is conducing to develop and sustain its “Glenn Paige Nonkilling School”, for which a new building is also under construction to provide care and an innovative nonkilling curriculum to over 200 students, who are casualties of war, disease and abandonment. Besides providing free education to the local community, the school also offers breakfast, health care and clothing. Help for the new School building project can be provided through in Washington D.C.


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