New Book “Nonkilling Balkans” Published

The Center for Global Nonkilling has just released its latest book Nonkilling Balkans, which includes an interdisciplinary collection of eleven essays that were presented at the First Nonkilling Balkans Forum, held in Sarajevo in August 2014. The book challenges existing preconceptions about the history and «nature» of the Balkans, and presents scientific, spiritual, and practical factors that predict success for the realization of killing-free societies in the Balkans.

The volume is a joint publication of CGNK and the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo and is co-edited by Rifet Bahtijaragić, founder of the Nonkilling Balkans Forum, and CGNK Director Joám Evans Pim. A PDF version can be downloaded for free from CGNK’s website and paperback copies can be ordered at $15 from Create or

The 222 page volume includes the following texts:

– Foreword, by Glenn D. Paige
– Sarajevo Declaration for a Nonkilling Balkans
– Introduction: Nonkilling Civilizational Change in the Balkans, by Rifet Bahtijaragić
– Looking 100 Years Back and 100 Years Forward: Peacebuilding in the Balkans Region, by Ivana Milojević
– Humans as Conflict Managers Anthropological Overview of a Bosnian Muslim Community in Närpes, Finland, by Ingrida Grigaityte
– The Transformation from Holocaustic Intergenerational Trauma to Nonkilling Intergenerational Wisdom, by Danica Borkovich Anderson
– Building Peace: Confronting Representations of the Ethnically Other in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Media Space, by Sanja Garic-Komnenic
– “The Child is the Father to the Man”: Laying the Foundations for Nonkilling in Childhood, by Shelley Hymel, Lina Darwich and Reky Groendal
– Not Unlearning to Care Healthy Moral Development as a Precondition for Nonkilling, Eveline Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger
– Psychology of Nonkilling in Bosnia-Herzegovina Knowledge and Attitudes of Students Toward Nonkilling Culture, by Mirna Marković Pavlović, Sabina Alispahić and Amela Dautbegović
– Ljubljana Festival in the Early 1960s, by Tjaša Ribizel
– Doukhobor Nonkilling Legacy, by Koozma J. Tarasoff
– The Spirit of Baljvine, by Joám Evans Pim

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