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Buddhism and Nonviolent Global Problem-Solving by Glenn D. Paige (ed.), Sarah Gilliatt (ed.)


Summary: This is an augmented report of the fourth International Seminar on Buddhism and Leadership for Peace, held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, during August 15-20, 1989. The seminar was sponsored by the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace (ABCP), whose secretariat is located in the Gangdantekchenling Monastery in Ulan Bator, in cooperation with the Dae Won Sa Buddhist Temple of Hawaii and the Center for Global Nonviolence Planning Project, Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawai‘i. The seminar was planned and coordinated by the latter. In offering the present report special appreciation is expressed to the ABCP, the Gangdan Monastery, and to the people and government of Mongolia for making it possible for us to meet in Mongolia to explore contributions that Buddhism can make to solve problems that threaten the survival and well-being of humankind.

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Nonviolence in Hawaii’s Spiritual Traditions by Glenn D. Paige (ed.), Sarah Gilliatt (ed.)


Summary: These essays were first presented as brief talks given in Kuykendall Auditorium on the campus of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa on January 11, 1990. They were offered as contributions of the Center for Global Nonviolence Planning Project to celebrate the Hawai‘i State Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday n cooperation with the King Holiday Commission chaired by Dr. Donnis Thompson. We are privileged to be able to present these insights into nonviolence in Hawai‘i’s spiritual traditions and are deeply grateful to the authors for sharing them. We recognize, as does each of them, that interpretations can vary within each tradition. Therefore none of them claims to speak for all adherents of their faith. Each voice is an authentic one and merits most thoughtful reception.

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Nonviolence Speaks to Power by Petra K. Kelly


Summary: Though Petra Karin Kelly, nonviolence speaks to power. This selection of five speeches and four essays covering the period from August 1987 to July 1991 provides insights into the nature and scope of her concerns. learned as a cofounder of the German Green Party (1979), as a candidate heading the Green list in four national elections (1979, 1980, 1982, and 1987), and as a twoterm member of the parliamentary Green Bundestag (1983-90). The Center for Global Nonviolence Planning Project is pleased to present this book, which will be of worldwide interest to all who study and practice nonviolence. This includes peace workers, ecologists, feminists, human rights advocates, workers for economic justice, health workers, and all who engage in and support direct nonviolent political action. We think that nonviolent political leaders now and in the twenty-first century can benefit much from her vision, analysis, and experience. The seeds of a practical nonviolent global political theory are undeniably present here.

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To Nonviolent Political Science: From Seasons of Violence by Glenn D. Paige


Summary: This book has its origins in a 1985 request by Mr. Toru Kinoshita of Hiroshima University and Dr. Chung-si Ahn of Seoul National University that I bring together some dispersed writings on my journey to nonviolence to assist thoughtful consideration by young scholars in political science. Thus this belated response. It is stimulated also by a life-threatening disruption of heart rhythms in late 1990 that led to quintuple bypass open heart surgery and to acute awareness that for me time is running out. It was distressing to think that an important task might be left undone.

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Islam and Nonviolence by Chaiwat Satha-Anand (ed.), Glenn D. Paige (ed.), Sarah Gilliatt (ed.)


Summary: A seminar on Islam and Nonviolence, to many, sounds unimaginable in a world where the term “Islam” has ceased to be a simple description. Instead, it means a lot of “unpleasant” things to some non-Muslims. Edward Said, a Columbia University professor, writes, “For the right, Islam represents barbarism; for the left, medieval theocracy; for the center, a kind of distasteful exoticism. In all camps, however, there is agreement that even though little enough is known about the Islamic world there is not much to be approved of there.” Needless to say, concerning the issue of nonviolence, Islam is normally perceived as heavily oriented towards the former. The Center for Global Nonviolence Planning Project is pleased to present this report of an international exploratory seminar on Islam and nonviolence held in Bali, Indonesia, during February 14-19, 1986.

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Hawai’i Journeys in Nonviolence: Autobiographical Reflections by George Simson (ed.), Glenn D. Paige (ed.), Lou Ann Ha'aheo Guanson (ed.)


Summary: A compilation of autobiographical essays by persons whose life journeys brought them to Hawai’i and nonviolence. Includes: “Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha: Love Gives Life Within” by Lou Ann Ha’aheo Guanson; “Activism is Empowerment” by Ho’oipo DeCambra; “Swords into Plowshares” by Anna McAnany; “Journey to Malu Aina” by James Albertini; “An Evolution of Views” by Robert Aitken; “Evolution of Nonviolent Philosophy” by Howard E. “Stretch” Johnson; “Insight” by Iraja Sivadas; “On the Politics of Peace Action: Nonviolence and Creativity” by Johan Galtung; “Afterword: Nonviolence, Life-Writing, Verification, Validation, and Mortality” by George Simson.

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The Frontiers of Nonviolence by Chaiwat Satha-Anand (ed.), Michael True (ed.)


Summary: The papers in this book give us a much-needed look at current theoretical understandings of nonviolence and its intellectual and spiritual roots, at the dynamics of its current practise in a number of different settings, and its potentials for more widespread social change toward peace and justice in a future social order. It is with a special sense of poignancy that I write these words, realizing that Kenneth Boulding’s article which opens the book is the last article he wrote before he died. His life was a testament to the thinking, study and practise of peace, and he knew that nonviolence was the only path to that future state of humankind (by Elise Boulding).

Gandhi in the Global Village by N. Radhakrishnan (ed.), N. Vasudevan (ed.)


Summary: The year 1998 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Gandhi’s martyrdom. During the fifty years that separate us from Gandhi, humanity has witnessed these far reaching and bewildering changes. It is in this context the question is asked: Where does Gandhi stand and what is the relevance of his life and message? Contributed by internationally reputed academics, research scholars, statesmen, sociologists and peace activists, the present volume is an attempt to assess and evaluate Gandhi’s contribution to the progress of mankind in various ways and to show how universal and pervasive his influence is across the world.

Towards a Nonkilling Filipino Society by Jose V. Abueva (ed.)

Edited by Jose V. Abueva

Summary: This volume includes a collection of eighteen essays following a series of lectures on the feasibility of a nonkilling society in the Philippines that where organized in February 2004 by the Aurora Aragon Quezon Peace Foundation and the Kalayaan College at Riverbanks Center. The authors, applying the nonkilling approach set by Glenn D. Paige, offer general and specific ideas for an agenda for research, policy and action towards a nonkilling and life sustaining Filipino society.

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