Tribute to Max Paul (1945-2014)


The Center for Global Nonkilling extends condolences to family and friends in memory of the great nonviolent Haitian patriot servant-leader Dr. Max Paul. His legacy lives on in the Mission Statement of the Center for Global Nonkilling: To promote change toward the measurable goal of a killing-free world by means open to infinite creativity in reference for life.

The Mission Statement has three distinctive features: measurability, creativity, and spirituality. Max contributed to all three. Max taught that nonkilling was measurable, not based on abstractions like political philosophies he had studied in Germany. He creatively founded the Centre Caraïbeén pour la Non-Violence Globale et le Développement Durable (CCNGD). He creatively arranged translation of the nonkilling thesis into French and Haitian Creole which led to nonkilling innovations in Francophone Africa (DR Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda) including translation into Kiswahili for grassroots community education. Max contributed to spirituality by asking if Haitian Voodoo with other faiths could become a force for nonkilling social change (available in Global Nonkilling Leadership Forum Book of Proceedings, 2008, pp. 53-57).

Dr. Max Paul’s nonkilling legacy will continue to educate and inspire change for a Nonkilling Haiti and a killing-free world.

“Respekte moun, bati kay!”

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